All day menu

Served till 3pm

Avocado Toast   16

Persian Feta, mint, parsley, beetroot paint, grain toast

+poached egg 2.5

+house cured salmon 5


House Made Bircher   14

Espresso infused muesli, air dried strawberries,

apple, date, nuts, coconut parfait, cacao pebbles


Acai Smoothie Bowl  15

Acai, banana, coyo, almond milk, wild orange &

cacao crumble, peanut butter, blueberry, strawberry


Banana Bread   16

Nutella mousse, maple mascarpone, stewed cherry,

hazelnut prailine, coconut, chocolate dust


Eggs on Toast   9.5

Your way on organic grain toast


Chilli Scrambled   17

Charred chorizo, persian feta, fresh chilli, dill


St. Rose   19.5

Free range eggs, halloumi, bacon, roasted tomatoes, herbed mushrooms, spinach, hash brown, toast


Baked Chilli Eggs   17

Peperonata sauce, persian feta, spiced dukkah, fresh chilli, toast


Dench Organic Toast   7.0

Grain, sourdough or fruit loaf w your choice of spreads


Salmon & The Rye  17.5

Flaked seared salmon, pesto, cream cheese,

poached egg, dill, rye toast


Brekkie Burger   14

Fried free range egg, cheddar, spinach, bacon and hollandaise on a brioche bun w a hash brown


Dragon Bowl 17

Roasted pumpkin, shredded kale, chopped spinach,

heirloom broccoli, pink sauerkraut, alfalfa, seeds,

vegan thousand island dressing






Corn Fritters  18

Wilted Spinach, cured salmon, seasonal avocado, beetroot creme fraiche, poached egg


Superfood Bowl   16

Kale, apple, avocado, chia, quinoa, slivered almonds, halloumi, hummus, lemon rind vinaigrette

+poached egg 2.5

+grilled chicken 4.5


Greens & Grains 18

Broccolini, puffed quinoa, charred corn, kale,

sugar snap peas, avocado hummus spread, 

poached egg, olive dust, toast


Nourish Bowl  16.5

Roasted cauliflower, sugar snap peas, charred 

corn, chickpeas, pan fried kale, quinoa, 

beetroot hummus


Chicken Schnitzel Wrap   13

Caramelised onions, cheddar, leaves,

house made mustard aioli, grain wrap

+chips 4


Pulled Lamb Burger  16

Lamb shoulder, mustard aioli, persian feta,

chips, crispy onions, butter lettuce

+ side of chips  4



Gluten-free bread/fresh chilli/dukkah  1.5

Egg/tomato relish/hash brown   2.5

Spinach  3

Roasted tomatoes/mushrooms/avocado 4

Persian fetta/halloumi  4

Bacon/grilled chicken  4.5

Chorizo/house cured salmon   5


A selection of rolls and sandwiches available in food display.



Little Peeps

Avocado on organic toast 6.5

1 free range egg on organic toast 6.5

Ham and cheese toastie 7

Chips, aoili 7

1/2 Milkshake chocolate or strawberry 4